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Car Rental Corporate services

Con Renting Street Save
Time + Money + Human Resources

Renting is the solution for your company. Having own mobility involves time, money and human resources that could be devoted to growing your business.

you only pay for the cars you use

You save the cost of acquisition, depreciation, management, renovation, and you do not have to worry about overhead and maintenance involving their own vehicle.

Rent does not require large investments, otherwise a monthly expense so the company can take TAXES and deduct VAT.

renting save costs

  • Acquisition
  • Depreciation
  • Management
  • Renewal
  • Maintenance

What is renting?

A rental contract is signed for the time that the client determines (from one to twelve months) for which a monthly fee will be established that will include all the management of the property. Depending on the vehicle that is chosen or the kilometers that are traveled this quota may vary.

We give you a tailor made solution , offering you vehicles of different ranges and benefits. You only pay for the rents you use when you use them.
It's time to start saving!

We offer a 10% discount on rentals over 30 days who contract with this method, it is applied directly on the list price *.

Differences with Leasing

In Leasing rents the wheel in exchange for a fixed or variable monthly installments during the life of the vehicle, not including the expenses of the car (insurance, taxes, mechanical checks and repair of damages Are borne by the user).

While in Renting , STREET RENTAL OF AUTOS offers the user the car for a fixed fee for a set period of time, including all expenses that originate the same , With the exception of fuel and / or damage caused by driver or third party imperfections. In addition, while Leasing covers the entire life of the car, with Renting the rental period is variable, depending on the customer's needs. The contract has no recession policy, so the lessee decides 30 days in advance to terminate the business relationship without prejudice.

Do not wait to
move your company

* Contact Us to sign the agreement and get the discount.